Dyson Handheld Vacuum Reviews – Cordless & Attachments

Before you hand over your hard earned money for a pricey Dyson handheld vacuum, you ought to know whether it’s worth the price. And that goes for Dyson’s attachments as well, as they often cost as much as an ordinary cordless handheld vacuum itself.

It’s our job to review all different types of handheld vacuums, whether it’s corded, cordless, for car or for pet hair. But it’s always the Dyson handheld vacuums that end up being the most extensive and thoroughly researched.

Not surprising to say the least, since they’re well renowned for their technology and jam packed features on their cleaning devices. We’ve organized all our Dyson reviews for you below, so that you can easily navigate and get an overview of each product.

Dyson Handheld Vacuums Reviews

Dyson was created in 1993 in the United Kingdom by James Dyson, who’s company first started off manufacturing vacuum cleaners and now, is involved in manufacturing heaters, fans and hand dryers. Today, Dyson is a billion dollar company and one of the most successful innovators in the world.

However, it was a long road for James Dyson, who actually began his journey of producing ground-breaking inventions in the early 70’s and by the late 70’s, he had over 5,000 prototypes of the first Dyson vacuum. To make a long story short, he had to go all the way to Japan to find a manufacturer who would license his design, since he had a difficult time doing it in the UK and US.

Since then, Dyson have gone to unveil some amazing vacuum technology, with one of the latest and best, being the Dyson DC59 Animal (you can read more about James Dyson’s fascinating journey here).

Dyson DC59 Animal Review

dyson dc59 animal

The latest marvel to come from Dyson is the DC59 Animal, which is a big improvement on the DC44 Animal. It was released in mid-Jan 2014 and since then, has received nothing but praise for its increased suction power, improved design and better charge and run times.

In our in-depth review, we take a specific look at what changes were made and how it compares with its predecessor, the DC44. The DC59 Animal is a high quality cordless handheld vacuum that comes with a hefty price tag, but is it worth its premium price tag? Find out in our full review here.

Dyson DC44 Animal Review

dyson dc44 animal

One of the best handheld vacuums by Dyson is the DC44 Animal, which is now considered by many, including ourselves to be a classic.

It was the highest rated handheld vacuum on Amazon (before the DC59 stole that accolade) and now that it has been around for a couple years, its price has dropped significantly, which means much better value for consumers.

Even though the title of “Animal” indicates that it’s used for cleaning pet hair, which is does so effectively, the included attachments also allow you to easily clean hard and soft floors, narrow and tight areas and delicate surfaces. Read our full review on the Dyson DC44 Animal here.

Dyson Attachments Reviews

As great as Dyson’s vacuums are, not all of them come with enough attachments, or the right ones. This has often left consumers feeling underwhelmed, considering how much they pay for the vacuum. Nevertheless, many of them turn to buying separate Dyson attachments which are also highly innovative products.

Granted, some of the following attachments deserve to be sold separately in their own right, because they’re simply genius. If you’re at all concerned about whether the following attachments will fit your Dyson vacuum, there’s more detail inside each review.

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit Review

dyson home cleaning kit

Here are three handy tools designed for everyday use. What’s included is a soft dusting brush for dusting down delicate surfaces such as blinds, a stiff bristle brush for cleaning tough dirt on non-delicate surfaces and a multi-angle brush which allows you to clean the top of a high dresser or doors.

All the accessories feature simple yet effective designs, and we’re certain that you’ll find a use for all of them. They’re easily the best basic vacuum attachments that we’ve seen. Read our full review here.

Dyson Groom Tool Review

dyson groom tool

Wouldn’t it be great if you can clean the massive amount of hair when your dog sheds, before it gets all over your furniture and carpets? The Dyson Groom Tool lets you do just that.

It’s an ingenious attachment that’s designed to remove hair directly from your dog with the push of a button, and when released, all the hair goes straight into the vacuum. If you want to find out more on how it works, read our full review here.

Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Review

dyson tangle free turbine

It’s frustrating having to clean all the hairs that get stuck within your vacuum’s brush roll. After all, the vacuum’s job is to clean effectively. Well, here’s a solution, and one that works well.

The Dyson Tangle Free Turbine incorporates two counter-rotating heads that sucks up dirt, hair and dust efficiently without anything getting stuck. The width of the tool is a little small, but sacrificing size for better functionality totally makes sense. Read our full review here.

Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool Review

dyson articulating hard floor tool

Designed for cleaning a variety of hard floors without leaving any scratches, the Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool will make your chores seem effortless.

Steering around chair legs and the hard surface is smooth due to its 180 pivot connection, and the double walled bristles reduces suction loss while increasing pick up performance. Read our full review here.

Top 10 Dyson Accessories

Dyson have many more attachments, some that are highly rated ingenious designs, while others are so-so. We’ve gathered a list of our favorite Dyson accessories and given a brief overview of each one, with compatibility details. You can check them out here.

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