Dyson Groom Tool Review

dyson groom tool review

If you are the owner of one or more heavy shedding dogs such as a German Shepherd or Alaskan Malamute, then you will already know about the problems with their hair. The Dyson Groom Tool has taken the difficulty and mess out of grooming dogs, which is why so many dog owners consider it a must-have tool.

It’s a simple concept but one that solves a common problem. You no longer have to worry about getting dog fur on the floor, on your clothes or in your mouth and eyes. It’s one of the highest rated vacuum attachments on Amazon, and one of the bestselling by Dyson.

Average User Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars

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Highlight Benefits

tickEasily Groom Your Dog With No Mess: Hold down the button to reveal the slick 35 degree positioned bristles, used to grab loose medium or long hair off your dog, and release the button to allow collected hair to be sucked straight into the vacuum.

Also Captures Allergens: The tool also removes dead skin cells with loose hair, capturing allergens before they’re able to spread around your home.

Push button control.
Push button to reveal bristles for grooming, and release to allow collected hair to suck straight into the vacuum.

User Experiences

The people that know best about the product are those who have actually purchased and tested it out over a period of time. We have researched over 50 positive and negative user reviews on Amazon to provide you with a general consensus of their experiences with the Dyson Groom Tool.


The Dyson Groom Tool is not made from a steel as the color suggests, it’s still durable and well-constructed from heavy duty plastic. Although it’s suitable for Dyson’s upright and canister vacuums, it works best when attached to a hose. You can still attach it to a tube/wand, but it will be less flexible, making it awkward to use (see more details in compatibility section below).

If you have adult dogs of medium-long sized hair, this tool is perfect. However, Dyson does not recommend to use it on dogs with woollen coats such as the Kommodor or Puli. Also, cats tend to freak out a bit more when coming into contact with a vacuum, so you must take extra care if you plan on using it on your cats.

At first, dogs can be scared of the vacuum too, which is why you have to comfort them and make sure that they will tolerate the vacuum being so close before using this tool.


When the Dyson Groom Tool was first revealed, many heavy shedding dog owners were astonished at its design and concept, but was unsure of how well it worked. That all changed after using it.

Grooming your dog's hair.
Designed for dogs with medium-long sized hair.

The majority of users simply find it to be extremely effective. The conventional way of using a brush to remove hair off their dogs has gone out the window for them. It was messy, unhygienic and time consuming.

Now that they can brush and clean at the same time, has made things a lot less complicated and stressful. Many users find that hair and dust may stick to the base due to the static material, but this can problem can be eliminated by using static guard spray or a dryer sheet to wipe down the areas that attract hair on the unit.

Several users admit that it can be awkward and tiring having to constantly hold down the button to brush, and release it to suck up the hair.

It would have been better if there was a lock for when the button is pushed, or the mechanism was reversed so that you only have to push the button to suck up the hair. But since this isn’t the case, people with hand conditions may find it difficult to use.


Dyson says that it’s suitable for most Dyson upright and cylinder vacuums (an attachment is included for DC07, DC14, and DC18) except for motorhead machines or handhelds. However, users have proven that it does work for the DC23 and DC44 Animal, and it appears that it will work for all upright and cylinder vacuums (although it’s much easier to use with a hose).

We are not sure why Dyson always lists limited compatibility for their attachments when most of them have been proven to fit the majority of Dyson vacuums with or without an adapter.


The Dyson Groom Tool ranks among one of the bestselling and top-rated Dyson accessories on Amazon.

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Video Demo

Take a look at the video demonstration of the Dyson Groom Tool in action. Yes, it may seem unbelievable but it really does exactly what you see in the video below.

Our Conclusion

  • Really a must-have tool for owners of dogs that shed masses amount of hair.
  • Can be tiring on the hand, but very effective when in use. It’s clean, hygienic and easy to use.

The only real debate about whether to get the Dyson Groom Tool or not (just like much of Dyson’s accessories) is the price factor. It’s not cheap, but we think it’s a worthwhile investment because the build quality ensures that the product will last for many years, and it’s an extremely useful product, which can be seriously considered as an absolutely necessary tool for owners of dogs or pets that shed a lot of hair.

Average User Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars

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