Dirt Devil Scorpion Corded Handheld Vacuum Review

dirt devil scorpion review

Many users consider it to be simply brilliant because the Dirt Devil Scorpion adopts a basic yet very clever mechanism called the Quick-Flip crevice tool. With this feature, cleaning dirt, debris and spills in corners, edges and small openings has never been easier.

It’s designed for quick clean ups, and quick it is indeed thanks to its lightweight and convenient design. It’s also very inexpensive and provides much value for money. That’s why many consumers have chosen this device for a variety of minor cleaning tasks.

Average User Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

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Highlight Benefits

tickQuickly & Easily Clean Hard-To-Reach Areas: The ingenious Quick-Flip crevice tool flips down from the tip of the device, allowing you to reach into corners, edges and confined spots, while sucking up everything in its path.

Powerful Handheld Vacuum: This device is powered by a 7 amp motor via a 16 foot cord, which provides it with a great amount of suction power.

Lightweight: Weighing in at only 3.45 pounds, makes it one of the lightest handheld vacuums around. Ideal if you have any hand injuries or conditions.

Easy Dirt Disposal: Simply twist the center of the base and it separates into two sections, with one section carrying the waste and filter for easy cleaning.

3 Years Guarantee: It’s an inexpensive handheld vacuum but the 3 year warranty goes to show the confidence Dirt Devil has in their product.

User Experiences

The people that know best about the product are those who have actually purchased and tested it out over a period of time. We have researched over 50 positive and negative user reviews (from 2010-2013) on Amazon to provide you with a general consensus of their experiences with the Dirt Devil Scorpion.

Design & Attachments

Quick-Flip Crevice Tool.

Overwhelmingly, one of the first things users mention in their reviews is the convenience of the Quick-Flip crevice tool. It flips down from the top and clicks into place, and you never need to worry about misplacing it since it’s built-in.

This is the main selling point of the Dirt Devil Scorpion, as users find it so quick and easy to carry out small to medium cleaning tasks such as sucking up crumbs, dirt, stones, ashes and other small debris whether it’s in corners, edges, in between or under the sofa, closet spaces and other confined areas.

Although it comes with a shoulder strap, most users have found that accessory pointless because not only is the device very lightweight anyway, but also because once the strap is attached and slung over your shoulder, you will find that the air vents (which are on both sides) blow at the side of your body, which is annoying.

It also comes with a 2.5 foot hose which have come in use for some users to reach further into narrow spaces, and an additional wide head dusting brush can be used for grabbing hair, although no users have mentioned how effective it is at this.


A number of users experienced stiffness of the on/off switch, making it hard to flick, but it may be because of a brand new unit and it may take some frequent using to loosen it.. However, this may initially cause problems for people with arthritis.

There have also been several mentions of how small the dirt container is, but most users understand that it’s a vacuum intended for small tasks so they are prepared to empty is frequently.

The cord at 16 feet long is very reasonable for the majority of users and it was pointed out that the plug even has a clip on it so it can be wrapped around the device and clipped together for easier storage.

Suction Power

The general agreement is that the Scorpion has strong suction power for a handheld vacuum and is able to pick up debris several inches away from the nozzle even with an extension tool attached.

There has been an issue with many users stating that the device gets hot after 10-15 minutes of continuous use. And with the high power also comes loud noise and a slight burning odor. Though the users that have owned many different types of vacuums have agreed that the noise and smell is no worse than many other handheld vacuums after extended use.

Bearing in mind, the Scorpion is intended only for short small-medium cleaning tasks, and if it needs to be used for a longer than intended time, it helps to turn the device off and wait 30 seconds to turn back on.

Ease Of Cleaning

Emptying the dirt contained and removing filter.

To clean the device, simply twist the center to unlock it in half, with one half of it being the dirt container which houses the filter. Many users have praised it on how easy it is to empty the dirt container.

On the other hand, some users have voiced their disappointment in the filter material (thin and paper like), and how it’s not as easy to clean as the instruction booklet suggests (by tapping it against something). After a rinse, it may take a while to dry out and does not last as long as other filters. This means you will have to buy Scorpion replacement filters after a number of uses.

With that being said, the dirt container is small so it’s a good idea to frequently clean it so that the filter doesn’t clog up. Users that do this find that the filter lasts a lot longer.


There haven’t really been a consistent pattern in manufacturing faults, certainly not enough to claim that there’s a serious design flaw. Several users that left behind reviews provided updates with no issues after around 2 years. The Dirt Devil isn’t an expensive handheld vacuum, but a very reasonable 3 year warranty is still included.


Consumers have generally given favorable review ratings for the Dirt Devil Scorpion.

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Dirt Devil Scorpion
Our User Rating4.3 out of 5 stars
Cord Length16 ft.
Power Rating7 amps
Filter**Type F5**
Washable Filter
Dirt Capacity
Nozzle Width1.5 inches
+ Built-in Crevice Tool
+ Dusting Brush
+ 2.5 ft. Hose
+ Shoulder Strap
+ Extension
12 x 5 x 7
Warranty3 Years Limited

Our Conclusion

  • If portability, cleaning speed and convenience is what you’re looking for, this handheld vacuum should be the leading candidate.
  • The lightweight and convenience design makes it ideal to clean inside of vehicles.
  • It’s intended only for small-medium cleaning jobs, so if you want something to provide a long thorough clean, try the Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L instead.

It looks and function as a simple device, and that’s exactly why consumers love the Dirt Devil Scorpion. Although it’s designed for many small cleaning tasks no more than 10 minutes continuously, the fact that it’s corded and has the Quick-Flip crevice tool means that you can do a quick job using consistent suction power. Plus the low price point gives outstanding value for money.

Average User Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars

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