What Is The Best Handheld Vacuum For A Car?

There are certain handheld vacuums that are specifically designed to clean the interior of a car effectively. While you can indeed use any handheld vacuum, these incorporate the right tools and suction power to do a good job.

Before you make you make your decision, we explain to you below the things you need to take into consideration when choosing the best handheld vacuum for a car.

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What You Need To Consider

How Powerful Is It?

The handheld vacuum you will be using to clean your car needs to be powerful enough to be able to easily pick up debris and get rid of ground-in tough dirt.

The amps or voltage has no bearing on how powerful the handheld vacuum is. Instead, you can determine its effectiveness by its suction power combined with the type of tools it uses.

You should also look out for a model that provides consistent suction power without fading. Many cordless handheld vacuums suction power begins to fade when the battery level is declining. You won’t have this problem with corded models since they are being powered constantly.

How Is It Powered?

Another important factor is how is the handheld vacuum powered. Is it corded or cordless? Does it have a car charger?

It the event that it’s cordless, you need to ensure that it has a good running time to do a proper job and is powerful enough at the same time. A cordless handheld vacuum that excels in both are usually more expensive than similar specs corded models.

best handheld vacuum for car

A corded model powered by AC holds more advantages as they tend to provide better and more consistent suction power, and also there’s no time limit on your cleaning time. Although they do need to be plugged in, the power cord is usually long enough (between 16-25 feet) to reach from inside your home to your car.

If it’s powered directly by the car by using the cigarette input, you’ll find that it’s not as powerful as an AC powered model, but provides more convenience as you can clean however long you want. These models are usually ideal just for doing small tasks such as picking up small debris.

Does It Come With The Right Attachments?

Many handheld vacuums that are designed for car use include attachments that will make cleaning a car more effective, such as getting into confined areas.

These attachments typically consists of a stretch hose, a crevice tool and a brush. They will all come in handy one time or another, so it’s a good idea to have a variety of different attachments.

What We Recommend

There are several handheld vacuum cleaners for cars that do a better job than others. We’ve chosen two, a corded and cordless model that we and many other users, believe to provide the best value to car owners.

Please note that our recommendations have changed. To see our latest recommendations, check out our Top 5 Best Handheld Vacuums For Cars comparison table.

Most Versatile Corded Handheld Vacuum For Car

Average User Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars

Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac

In terms of versatility and effectiveness, the Carrand 94005AS Auto-Vac (read full review here) is the highest on our list and one of the highest rated handheld vacuums for cars on Amazon. It has an impressive 550 watts of cleaning power which is more than enough to suck up large debris.

However, it wouldn’t be so good without the multiple attachments it comes with. These include a dash and console brush, a carpet and upholstery tool, a squeegee and a 40 inch hose that can be rotated 360 degrees at its elbow.

All attachments can be neatly stored at the back of the unit so you won’t mistakenly misplace anything. We and many other users believe the Carrand 94005AS Auto-Vac to currently be one of the best, if not the best vacuum to clean your car.

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Best Value Cordless Handheld Vacuum For Car

Average User Rating 4.1 out of 5 stars

Black & Decker CWV1408 Wet Dry DustBuster

One of the more recent models of Black & Decker’s DustBuster range is the CWV1408 (read full review here) which is compact, lightweight and can vacuum both wet and dry waste. It’s powered by a 14.4 volt NiCad battery which provides good suction power that has proven to be consistent and efficient in vacuuming.

To help with your cleaning, it includes two good quality attachments – An upholstery brush and a squeegee tool that helps to clean up liquids. What’s even better is that it also comes with a wall mountable charging station that gives you that added convenience.

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Lowest Priced Corded Handheld Vacuum For Car

Average User Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars

Dirt Devil Scorpion

Our next choice is the Dirt Devil Scorpion (read full review here) simply because it’s a simple, clever and effective design. It’s very compact and lightweight at 3.45lbs, which makes it easy to be maneuvered around in your vehicle.

It has an adequate 16 foot long cord which powers a powerful 7 amp motor. It includes a host of attachments including a 2.5 foot hose, a dusting and upholstery brush, and an ingenious built-in quick-flip crevice tool which channels the suction to tight corners and edges.

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